Alamzeb Mujahid as an Old woman…….

There you go another classical clip from Alamzeb Mujahid.

Added on March 15, 2007 by kushall1972 on YouTube from UK.


Part 1/1



Alamzeb Mujahid


I am a fan of Pashto comedy. I am living in UK for the last 10 years, my bond with pashto has become stronger and stronger.

I am always looking for new pashto VIDEO content on the net and lucky enough to find it. I thought why not compile all these videos in one place to benefit others to see all the videos in one place.

I will start with this Alamzeb Mujahid Clips which are posted by our good fellow 98kr on YouTube (YT) and who lives in Netherlands.


Part 1/2



Part 2/2