Ismail shahid and Said Rehman Shino

Ismail shahid Comedy stage show clip which is posted by our good fellow 98kr on YouTube (YT) and who lives in Netherlands.

Part 1/1



3 thoughts on “Ismail shahid and Said Rehman Shino

  1. My name is Safdar Hayat and I am currently residing in United States of America. I have seen Ismail shahid in alot of comedy dramas and I strongly believe that he is a one talented actor not only in Peshawar but in all Pakistan. To make some one laugh is not an eassy job, but he is an expert of his performance. As I myself is a pathan I feel very proud we do have such a talented and God gifted actor among us. I specifcially love his one show with Said Rehman Shino where “Nabuzshanaz Ustaad” I think it was one of his best shows I will always remember. Ismail Khuday day abad lara oa khuday darda daira tarakie darka, Amen.

  2. Please upload the remaining parts of Pushtu drama.Also drama of Ismail Shahid which is Come in 2009.

    Thank You

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